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Monday to Wednesday 9.00am to 5.30pm

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Respect Protect Connect

Respect Protect Connect is about making sure Armada Arndale is a family-friendly space for you and our staff to enjoy, be safe and feel welcome, always.

That’s why we’re formalising and promoting the proactive Security measures that we have used in the past, that will continue to evolve.


Some of these initiatives include:


  • Security personnel fitted with hi-vis uniforms for ease of identification and safety
  • Security personnel equipped with body cams to ensure the ongoing safety of Centre Staff and Customers 
  • Training opportunities for our retail staff, held in conjunction with SAPOL
  • A ‘Zero Tolerance’ approach to offenders that display offensive, aggressive or intimidating behaviour which in any way contrasts with our vision of providing a safe and family-friendly place
  • A visual representation of expected behaviour for people visiting our Centre. 


For more information, please contact Centre Management on 08 8445 2155.