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Keep those little monster minds active with our marvellous Little Munster activity sheets. From word games to puzzles and colouring-in, there’s something for all the little monsters at your place. Download the sheets below or pick up a printed pack at the customer service desk of our participating supermarkets Woolworths and Romeo's Foodland.

Meet Our Little Munsters



What Mandy lacks in height, she sure makes up for in noise. She’s the chatty one, and always ready to tell a story, crack a joke or ask questions… lots of questions. She’s also pretty brainy, and while she often worries about stuff, she almost always has a solution to get out of even the trickiest problems.



Mitch is big and strong and always happy to lend a hand or help around the house. From doing the dishes (he loves detergent bubbles) to helping out in the garden, Mitch is constantly doing something. The others wish he’d sit still, just for a little while, but he gets bored too easily and then eats too much.



Marco is the creative one. He’s happy to go on adventures with the others, but is also cool just sitting at his desk drawing or writing stories. Sometimes, he gets so involved in his creations that he forgets what’s real and what’s make-believe. This really confuses his friends, but secretly they love his imagination and his quirkiness.

Little Munster Colouring Pages

Collect all three munster drawings, colour them in however you like and then take a photo and share your skill and creativity on our Facebook page @armadaarndale.

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Munster Word Find

Do you have monster eyesight? There are 12 words hidden in our mega munster word-find. How quickly can you uncover them all?

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Spot the Difference

Mandy, Mitch and Marco are all off on adventures. But not everything is what it seems. Can you spot the differences in each scene?

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Munster Hunt

On their adventures, Marco, Mitch and Mandy find all sorts of cool things and even meet some friends on the way. How many can you find?

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